Spank me to Orgasm

Spanking has been one of my little kinks for years; I love it. I gave my lover insight to this just recently and I was, let’s say ‘pleased’ to see his reaction. We then arranged a time to meet the following day, so he could ‘punish’ me for teasing him.

It was difficult to concentrate that day, I like this guy and the sex has been good, but could he take it to the next level? In the past I’ve been the one to dish out the instructions to my lovers: ‘spank me HARDER’ (for God’s sake!) It takes away from the role-play somewhat, when the guy is scared to hurt you…I mean fully hurt you.

He hadn’t expected to receive all the trimmings too and when I emerged from the bathroom in my attire, I could tell by the look on his face that he was impressed. I was wearing a black, pleated skirt which sat up high around my hips and barely covered my arse cheeks; and a white blouse which I’d tied low at the front, (you could see the space between my tits), the shadow of my nipples was also showing through. But hey, I’m not a ‘black and white’ girl, so the red pop socks, worn with heels and red ribbon tied into my hair really gave me the look I was after. Underwear was not a requirement.

He was completely naked. Fuck his body turns me on. He stood up and stared back down at me and gave me a cheeky cupping of the breast and circled my my nipple through my blouse, making it hard. I knew what was expected of me and I instinctively dropped to my knees and faced his throbbing cock before I gazed back up at him and softly began to mouth him. I licked my lips, making the space wet and smooth, then I ran my mouth ALL the way down his shaft. My lovers are lucky – I lack a gag reflex. He didn’t allow me to stay there for too long…just long enough to give me that warm feeling between my legs. He lifted me up, sat himself down on the edge of the bed and instructed me to face away from him.

He ran his strong hands over my legs, from my calves upwards and stretched the top of my sock out so it slapped back against my thigh. His hands continued upwards and gripped my little, fat bum. He hitched my skirt up and planted a couple of wet kisses on my behind, which were followed by a sharp pinch from his bite. He took hold of my waist and the next I knew, I was bent over his knee with my arse and pussy fully exposed in the air. No words were spoken, but you could have sliced the sexual tension in that room with a knife.

My pussy was aching for him, to be touched….anything. He flicked my skirt up so it was hanging down over my back. Then he started…with one hard slap, which startled me (I had expected a build up to this point). Then again…ouch! He tells me how this is “just the beginning” and he’ll “make sure I hurt today”. He slaps me repeatedly and I bear the pain over and over. I don’t know if he’s doing this deliberately, but he’s striking me at an angle which creates a hot sting on my pussy.

Wow, there’s no messing around with this guy. He told me how I’m ”going to pay for turning him on like this” and he continues to spank me….faaaark!! This is intense now! He says: ”I hope you’re not getting turned on by this young lady?!” and he stops what he’s doing and slides a finger up and down the slit between my legs (which felt like heaven). “You are too….dirty girl” he says, as I hear him suck my sweetness from his finger.

The situation then escalates to a new level; ”This is NOT meant to be pleasurable for you” he hollers at me (oh but it is…I think and also chuckle at how he’s only just beginning to discover HOW perverted I really am!), then he spanks me harder than I’ve ever been spanked before. I’m now making a groaning/moaning sound with every slap and I’m on the verge of telling him to stop…I have a high pain threshold, but perhaps this is almost too much for me to handle? I cave and cry out, telling him I can’t take it any more, but he holds me down and tells me I ”will take it, all of it”…and how he’s going to make sure I “learn my lesson”.

At this stage, I’m begging and pleading with him to stop, but he continues and with his other hand, slides his finger deep inside me….it seems the pleasure this gives me, allows me to handle the pain. He spanks me and slides his finger in and out of me simultaneously and is extremely vocal and enthused at how wet I am. He tells me if I want him to stop, then I HAVE to cum for him. His demands make it easy and I cum with such release, that I literally shake and quiver, still bent over on his knees.

He gave me no time to recover. He picked me up and threw me down on the bed, ripped my blouse open and began stroking his hard cock as I lay there panting and dazed from my climax. I didn’t touch him and he began to groan as he said; “I’m going to fucking cum all over you”. I impulsively opened my mouth and he grabbed hold of my hair and pulled my face towards the end of his cock. I put my tongue out as he came into my mouth…….and boy, he came like a fucking train….

35 thoughts on “Spank me to Orgasm

    • Sometimes you just need to reassure men that you won’t break and pain is okay if it’s agreed to….it can be a hard task at times I know this! At least I could be of assistance to you miss snack cake ; ) I’d give you a good arse slapping for getting horny reading my story, don’t you worry about that! Ooh, now there’s a thought – spanking a girly…perhaps you’ve just given me a new idea ; )

  1. You decsribed it perfectly, truly lovely, Alot of people dont and cant understand this, but I truly do, even when the spanks sting like hell x

  2. Absolutely delightful! Okay. I admit that I’m more of a girl/girl kind of chick, but you’re writing is hot! Good flow, good choice of words – and the action is definitely that I understand.

  3. Wow… did you ever get me where I live, with this one! Excellent writing that made me almost feel like I was there and involved in the action you described… Very arousing for me, to a visually obvious physical degree. Needed to stay seated at my desk a little longer than I had planned for… Lol 🙂

    • Lol! Yes, how do you really ‘punish’ a girl that likes punishment? Take it to the extreme it seems, so it’s not pleasurable anymore, as he did! Ah, but then he still made me cum….so I win anyway ; )

      • Oh, my. Your story was incredible,loved it. You made me realize i need to choose more colorful words in my own writings. Yours flows so well. I do think i could perhaps tolerate more spankings from a woman, and the physical exploratioin; but then again, maybe not….*biting lip

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